Letterplatters is back to the hood and gotta start update what’s been happening around since new year! We had a pleasant weekend last week with Goethe-Institut Jakarta and Selatan for a #Fempop independent publishing workshop with Sonja Eissman from Berlin-based Missy Magazine. The short workshop and sharing session was attended by zine and media enthusiasts and I got to meet many feminist who run interesting projects on their own.


On behalf of Letterplatters, I got to talk to Sonja and shared some of zines made in the past few years, together with our former collaborator, Utari Intan (who initiated Romansa Senja and Di Balik Takdir) who happened to join this workshop too. She has been supporting Letterplatters through Letterature and many on-and-off discussion about independent movement and whatnots around that circumstances. We also teamed up to create zine together while reminiscing the old time of working together back in 2015—back to where it all started. Good time flies and good time shall remain to be repeated. Hopefully we could come up with new collaboration work in the near future.


Apart from all that, this workshop got me to note down list of improvements for Letterplatters. This year remarks the eight years of floating solo and it’s time to continue adjust our stand point to what’s really matter for Letterplatters—in terms of sustainable publishing practice.

Thank you Goethe-Institut Jakarta and Selatan for hosting such an event and for invited me to the networking dinner afterwards. Hopefully our mission to empower women through art and literature would meet its path through good networking and partnership.

All images are courtesy of Goethe-Institut Jakarta, 2019.