Letterplatters got a chance to collaborate with one of talented poets, Ayu Meutia. I got to know her a year ago through her spoken poetry initiative named #Unmasked that she founded together with few of her fellows. It's good to know that our brief encounter led us to one project, and she put her trust on us to deliver her baby, Tigress. Together with Letterplatters, we also collaborate with local illustration artist, Gesa Febrian, to add some juxtaposed and metaphorical watercolor splash.

Ayu Meutia believes that the sorting hat would put her in Ravenclaw House, but the letter never comes so she puts herself to contentment of the Muggle world. Tigress is her first independently published poems collection. Throughout the years, she has written short-stories and poetry for various anthologies. Her writings have been featured in Jakarta Globe and Rappler Indonesia, mostly covering local and arts communities, current affairs and women’s issues.

The first and fresh batch of Tigress was finally launched last weekend at #Unmasked event @america, Pacific Place. As I assisted the birth of Tigress, I was really content to see Ayu did her spoken word's performance. It seems that the tigress in her roaring in full emotion, and totally have some noise worth hearing. Yes, Noise Worth Hearing, just like the theme of her #Unmasked last week. 

I wish Ayu Meutia many opportunity in the future to get her writings appreciated more by the audience. She seems too young to be taken so seriously, but trust me, she's wise and mature enough inside to broaden our perspective about love and life.

May the tigress inside her will always be this brave.