WORD TO WORD 02 \\ Teh Chen Yee is one of designers that happened to be a special friend of mine and also a creative part-nerd in Letterplatters. Her presence with us could be found through her handwriting that bombed the identity for our annual #Letterature event. Apart from being good friends since college time, we're remotely working and exchanging ideas every now and then in between Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta. Lucky enough I got a chance to squeeze some of our off days for a trip to Yogyakarta, one of emerging creative cities in Indonesia. 

In the middle of our own contemplative track during that short journey, I managed to allocate some time to have a little deep talk through her creative alley. So there I was with her at Borobudur Temple, sitting on top of one of magical wonders of the world for a word-to-word about her vision and aspiration as a designer and 'green' buddy at the same time. 

If you were given a chance to give advice to yourself, what would it be?
I would tell myself to start something now! Stop finding excuses and take action as soon as possible. I shall advice myself not to neglect my dreams and one thing for sure: learn to get things done.