It's been a month since the second chapter of #Letterature. On behalf of Letterplatters, I hope it's not too late to do a quick catch up on #BisikKata and of course to thank all the collaborators and official partners. I understand that #BisikKata was a ground to learn and have fun at the same time, and there's a lot to be improved for the next chapter. But at least together we made progress, we made better works, and built better relationship through this collaboration. 

This was the latest picture of #Letterature collaborators on the last day of #BisikKata showcase. Few important fellows are not captured above, but still, I am more than grateful to have these people believed in me and agreed to be part of #Letterplatters' journey this year. For that, I wish each of them best of luck on their own creative endeavors. Hopefully one day we could work together again.