In the spirit of new year, we are happy to share about the second chapter of Letterature. We curate different theme this year which focuses on how word transforms into lyrics, and how a song could be the meeting point for writer and musician.

"Bisik Kata" is all about that. It's all about the context to fill up our alphabets' composition. We are working with papercutting approach this year. So even though it is pretty simple for some people, but the whole process of cutting them as to respond to those composed songs need a careful eyes. The same goes to the lettering for each songs. 

It feels good to be in a great synergy with collaborators who work with their hearts. We have turned into friends, from strangers, and got to know each other slowly by updating progress, cooking the whole mechanism, preparing the best that we can do for this chapter. And hopefully our work this past months could be delivered well to public less in two weeks time. Wish us all good luck on that.