It's the end of the year again. The year 2016 has been a great ride altogether, started from the second chapter of Letterature: Bisik Kata, one-on-one collaboration with few emerging and inspiring musicians, publishing "Tigress", Ubud Writer and Readers Festival and also an open invitation to do lettering workshop.

I still have many homeworks to be done for Letterplatters, as it grows and gets older year by year. I am aspired to work more with local artist and empower our local scene through mutual collaboration. As well as produce more stuffs that able to educate and inspire young generation through design.

The year 2017 will remark the fourth year of running Letterplatters as playground of my creative exploration and I can't wait to see what the new year brings. I wish I could spend more time building things inside Letterplatters and more focus with what I want to do. I hope for bigger space to share, an open wide room under new roof to run the studio better. I sincerely wish for a new place to settle Letterplatters down with the rest of list-to-do this year. 

Thank you, wholeheartedly, to everyone whom I shared every piece of joy along the way, who supported me, and those who believed that Letterplatters would do better each year. Wish you all wonderful time ahead and Happy New Year!