It's almost a year since the first Letterplatters held for the first time. One of the highlight of it was, of course, our first collaboration with Romansa Senja and Resatio. We glad that Romansa Senja agreed to publish their first limited compilation with us. Utari Intan, the girl behind Romansa Senja, has been always a good friend of us and we knew that our common interest in poetry would lead us to something interesting at the end.

Resatio, at the other hand, had been really supportive. He interpreted few poems on Romansa Senja compilation on his own, reminiscing 'romance' through different perspective through his monochromatic collage touch. Pretty much sweet, we say. He made this very first poetry compilation written by Utari Intan, Meity Fitriani, Mariam Ferdiana, and M. Istiqamah Djamad, become Letterature's special limited collections to pick. 

And as the year goes by, we finally sold the pieces out. This first edition would be followed by more editions to come (hopefully), so let's give a shout out to Romansa Senja's troopers. Thank you for those who supported Romansa Senja by buying their copies. Stay tune for their return this year: a special showcase of their own. On another note, have a good weekend!