Finally got our hands on revamping "Day and Night" by Bilhuda Haryanto, the pilot publication by Kreasi Komunikata that was launched on the first chapter of Letterature last year. The second chapter of Letterature is coming next month, and we're about to reprinting another batch of this in much proper way. We did major redesign on the cover by emphasizing some human touch on the title itself, tweaking and composing Debby to blend in with the splash of brush. Glad we bump into great handwriting typeface that fits. 

For those who already bought this piece last year, kindly expect something different this time. Though it is still roamed to be a black and white print copy, but it's so much more fixed. The detailing on the inside pages are slightly readjusted, and by far, this updated batch seems more enjoyable to read. We're sending this baby to the printer soon, and hopefully it would be available to be grabbed again on Letterature next month!