Days have been filled with certain energy as we entering the second month of the year. February is always special for me, and this year, it gets even more exciting because of Letterature. Our artwork showcase is up from the 1st of February up to the 14th, so please drop by in case you wonder what Letterature would be this coming weekend.

I can't express anymore gratefulness for those friends who support this initiative from the very beginning, up to the installation night. Uthie, Utari, Bintang, Apris, Bil, and the rest who keeps their energy flown for free. This is my very first collaboration showcase ever, so everything was kind of trials. Enjoyable trials, I should say. 

I challenged myself to do manual writing on giant canvas with acrylic with no projector and basically done with only one supporting tool: feelings. The same thing happened to my collaboration with The Beermat Dialogue where I managed to do 6 (six) handwriting composition on circular canvas to portray coaster.

The same intriguing feeling comes often when I had to work on Romansa Senja + Day & Night's book and all technical things that follows behind, also with duo wordsmiths from Yajugaya while making typography composition out of their jargons. I am glad that Resatio were excited to help me out on doing layout design for Romansa Senja when I spoke about this initiative. Looking at the result, he's not only good at cutting encyclopedia and stick them together though, he's a great graphic designer too.

It's good to see things finally fall into place after months of preparing all these. Chances to meet and collaborate with people that end up become new friends for Letterplatters have taught me that every connection made would lead into positive outputs, IF we really want it too. I guess this year, I finally able to give a gift for myself - something that I always dream of with Letterplatters. 

A birthday celebration in the playground of words.