It's December again and 2016 is coming up soon. It's been quite a ride with Letterplatters, from the first Letterature earlier this year up to few things that going on in between. And now, we're already in the process of cooking up the second chapter of Letterature again. Hope this experiment would end up just fine, one day.

This year also remarks a lot of new faces and new ideas to brew. We have met interesting people to collaborate with us and shared the common values to produce things together. We have engaged with few writers, few independent artist, and few social entrepreneurs to enrich us in building wider connection for Letterplatters in the near future. 

In order to connect better, we decided to invest more work on our content. Slowly, but sure. We are looking forward to add useful entries regarding to social values, design, exploration and inspiration to be withdrawn every month. So, do come by to our Play\Work section for something to munch. 

As for the coming initiative, we are currently preparing materials for exhibition and main event of "Bisik Kata". It's more challenging this time, but gotta have some faith that this labor of love is blessed.  So, dear all collaborators, thank you for sharing half of the journey to the upcoming Letterature. We would never able to express how grateful we are to be given such positive energy.  

It's that time of the year again. Time to take a step back and overview things we learn, or things that we earn. Letterplatters will be entering another new cycle next year, and as the keeper of it, I would like to see it grow. Thank you, for all dear partners (those who roams from Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Yogyakarta), for sticking up with me and Letterplatters till this very moment. Your supports are gold.