WORD TO WORD 01 \\ Novi Kresna Murti is one of copywriters that I bound to know at earlier time when I came back to Jakarta few years ago. She's such a smart and also eccentric woman with so much energy and story to tell. We used to work at the same advertising agency, hence the story of how I met Novi seems so instant. But to be honest, I believe that our connection were built more than just daily works. I remember sitting at the same cab on a rainy evening with her and we started to share some common thoughts about life and passion. And it seems to me that particular moment was the start of relationship that we have now. 

In the middle of her busy days, I finally met her again even only for few hours. She was embarked from Chiang Mai back to Jakarta for few days before bound to another city again. Hours was not enough, that's why I was so intrigued to get more pieces out of her wondering minds.

This time, I managed to send her few questions through Whatsapp, so that she could leave some trails for us to get inspired while she's roaming more places in the future. So sit back, and enjoy a little bite of Novi we have here: word-to-word sprinkled by a bit of her advice, creative process and endless inspiration.  

If you could advice yourself (and this could be anything based on what have you done for your self growth, or simply what would you like to do in the future), what would your advice be?

If could go back to 10 years ago back then, I could advice myself to be more conscious to any decision that I made, not rushing into something or irritated with society if my choices was too different, too unique or... I wish I could have better words to explain this :) 

I wish I could be someone who can be more free to make any decision in the bigger perspective and I could contribute better in the society with my talent (well I did my best though, but over the years I always find myself struggle in between what I want to be — where I want to be — what the world offering to me — and how I could make the best of it). 

Over the years, I also wish I could leave Jakarta earlier and took any step for adventure earlier to live in another side of the world or grow up with different culture, different mindsets, and wondering if another kind of society could shape me differently, at least five different cultures during my life.

Even though finally I made it in the right time when I got a better roots if I really should come back someday (where I have the best people to grew up with in Jakarta and Indonesia in general, good inspiring connections, full of creative people who can always feed my mind as a better person).

Shortly, I would like to see first in the bigger perspective what I can contribute to the society especially for social good before I could make any career path decision in ordinary - big advertising industry 10 years ago which mostly only worked for ordinary - big brands, so I could make better or significant impact to the world where I live in. 

You've been traveling a lot these past years and that made us wonder how fun to work remotely most of the time. What kind of work that you're actually doing?

I could see my creative roots still as copywriter, and the headline I always put on my profile to describe what I am doing is : a copywriter who travels. Currently I set my working environment should be able to be done from everywhere (because that’s a privilege as being independent copywriter though) as long as I can get decent internet connection, even I couldn’t call myself as digital nomad. 

Currently I’m more focus on Cultural Consultations projects in South East Asia, but mostly I would be happier If I can work with startups — which I consider as my recent playground in the past 2 years. You may get to know more about what kind of projects and brands I’m currently working remotely with here.

You must have flexibility to read in between million things. Any favourite book from what you read recently?

These days I’ve been into Orhan Pamuk's latest book titled "The Strangeness in My Mind", the story of Istanbul in the eyes of street vendors who sells Boza. Last month I manage myself to read “Pulang” by Leila S. Chudori during our Java  -  Bali trip and 3 months ago I found myself jump into one to another piece of Thích Nhất Hạnh and Osho. 

I didn’t grow up with specific writers or books, I didn’t read comics (and hard to find myself could enjoy any single comic book). Roughly, I read anything new or interesting titles based on recommendation on Goodreads, I love find myself intuitively read titles at the big book store and get inspired by anything come up along the bookshelves then go home with some notes to write on my pocket. 

You read, write, and travel for life. You surely loaded with a lot of inspirations too. How does your day-to-day creative process work?

There are few important factors that influence my creative process. First, is about personal peak time. Personally, I found that 8 to 11 am is the most productive time form me, both for work or my own writing stuff. Ideas are flowing easily during this period. And when I enter the zone,  I produce better output. This makes me happier, creative and productive.

Second, is the importance of daily dosage of inspiration. This comes mostly from internet, from surfing on inspiring website or Facebook's timeline. I am lucky that my timeline is filled with interesting ideas from people that connected to me. 

Third, I rely a lot on places where I could brew my thoughts freely. Art galleries, creative spaces, regular meeting with friends, art/music/culture festival, magazines, bookstores hopping. If I have more time, I'd prefer to watch movie, but it takes more time and energy to be in private moment.

Last but not least, people around me. That's the more important thing to stay creative and get energised. It means people who can give me some energy and inspirations. It doesn't come directly, but it is a 'sunlight' — you need that regular vitamin to make yourself grow, especially my mind  and perspective— to get recharged again when I feel exhausted and less inspired.

"Over the years, I also wish I could leave Jakarta earlier and took any step for adventure earlier to live in another side of the world or grow up with different culture, different mindsets, and wondering if another kind of society could shape me differently, at least five different cultures during my life."

"Road is a best friend for the clear mind.

Off your mind to the borderless view, a warm feeling after seeing sunset, the most beautiful ones, the most comforting bed after long hours riding - even it’s the worst one in your life.

Here, here you go. The happiest thoughts. Embrace it."

Find more inspiration from her writings, works, and pictures at www.novikresna.com 
or @novikresna.