It's the spring cleaning time calling, embracing all the good feeling of new year which seems very interesting for us in Letterplatters. Year 2015 is the 3rd year of letting creative juices flow after two years of trials and errors on getting new projects, new clients, also ways to connect and collaborate.

By taking all that lessons along, it seems that we have more stories and contents to share this year. Apart from design service commissions for our bread and butter, we now finally have time to work on initiative project on two things we dearly love: alphabets and literature.

And at this very moment, we happily launched Letterature to public after brew it on our kitchen for about 4 (four) months off scratch. Finally, a set that hopefully could be a good start for me and for the rest who are aspired to appreciate the same value from literature. You could drop by and check 'Letterature' tab on the navigation bar above for more information.

As to give a little bit of sneak peak about what's inside Letterature rundown on Feb 7th, an artwork showcase would be opened from Feb 1st to the 14th. It would feature few collaborations between Letterplatters with few inspiring local writer, artist and brandmaker. Hopefully this could be a new gate for another supporting friendship. Can't be more grateful to start a year this way.

Also, as I am now empowered with few kind fellows to embark on the new journey as a team, we are looking forward to brew more ideas for 'Alfabeta' and 'Letterature' so they could be useful to source creative contribution around us. I have to admit that I've withdrawn so much good energy from last year for some readjustment in Letterplatters and how it should be driven as a design practice to be useful for others too. Hope this gonna be a good year for us.