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Letterplatters is a creative playground based in Jakarta, Indonesia.
It is humbly initiated as labour of love to nurture the appreciation of design,
literature and typography, which founded by Srikasih Febriyanti in early 2013.

Letterplatters begins to explore the mixture above with social value to empower the growth
of creative environment. It tailors content and mix-match collaboration, releases publication, 
while brews workshop and initiative that addressed on education and culture close to home.

Letterplatters crafts mostly typography-interest artworks. It also takes care of
The Alfabeta Story to store alphabets and literature-inspired knick-knacks,
curates annual showcase with Letterature and conducts #Letterapy 
for public to get closer to their own handwriting through lettering art.


Things We Do

Things We Do


Taking alphabets as the core design element
to explore ways of visual communication. Believing that design would help increasing reading literacy, Letterplatters concentrates on grids, composition and editorial design.


Cooking up collectible titles to let words live through poetry, stories and snail-mail treat. 
All released publication are specially tailored by Letterplatters as we believe letter lives longer in words, paragraphs and stories worth reading.


Creating creative environment and mutual partnership through collaboration. With a spirit to empower the growth of alternative readings,
Letterplatters publishes books and zines through the imprint, Kreasi Komunikata. 

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Our Feature Story

To Letters and Beyond!

Letterplatters got chosen to participate in Kelas Inspirasi Palembang organized by Indonesia Mengajar, a movement to inspire young
students to dream higher and have broader knowledge of professions for their future references. Representing Letterplatters,
I was assigned to inspire elementary students from MI Quraniyah V Palembang for a day, thus I flew
to South Sumatera to let them playing with one thing Letterplatters dearly loves: letters!

As I had to explain about my profession as an art director, I found it was easier to explain by using letters to represents
the simple design direction process. By using basic typography design as creative education approach,
they were expected to get closer to letters, words, books and (hopefully) idea and imagination.

I emphasized my explanation more into the way an art director imagines things. Sometimes what was really needed
is the ability to see differently beyond shapes, colors and lines. Letters, or rather a set of 26 alphabets
and a set of 10 numbers beside all those punctuations, could be a useful tool to enhance creativity.
However, the point to aspire them to have a bigger dream ahead needs to be started
somewhere from education, and of course, the love of knowledge itself.

By sharing about the power of typography since early days, I hope kids will not
take alphabets they see only as given element on the books they read.
But also to take it as a tool to discover many things through
limitless creativity in the future.